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Date Posted Saturday, 10 September 2016
Location Brighton
Band details currently not named.
Website: http://
Details Hi there, we are located in Brighton (currently not named) and we range from ages 14-15. We have a drummer, a guitarist and a singer but we need a bassist who's into the same sort of music we're into. Our influences as a band are Dead Kennedys, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, Blondie, Gorillaz, The Damned - that sort of stuff.

We just need someone who's between 13-16 and can confidently play bass guitar. Even if you're still learning I can show you most of the bass lines we're doing.

We have a rehearsal room (Monster Studios) that we have been using and have been very successful as it is - even doing original content on our second rehearsal.

Hope to hear from any Brighton bassists soon.
Contact Info 077482207269
Contact Phone: 077482207269
Contact Email:

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