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Robert Abraham

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Robert Abraham is a professional freelance musician, Robert has just finished a BA Honors Popular Music Degree at the ACM in Guildford. Robert is master of groove and arranging, and has done for many different artists and bands. Robert has a brilliant musical ear and has a good level of sight reading, and a very good ability to play and groove to a click. Robert knows hundreds of songs and can "pick up songs extremely quickly.
Robert plays for the popular band The Soul Patrol in Cambridgeshire that are a 10 piece function band, apart form the soul patrol Robert has dep for other function bands like "and the beat goes on", "Night Fever" and "Copy Cats".

Robert has recorded for many artists and bands, here are some of the projects that Robert is involved in

10 piece soul function band

9 piece function band that Robert owns

TP Superfly Band
10 Piece band From guildford playing original funk songs

6 piece Nu Soul originals band

6 piece originals band. Robert recorded the bass on the album

5 piece originals band country style pop band. Robert recorded all bass parts

london pop artist

4 piece exciting covers band "Camino" contact for bookings

Robert is in alot of band but is always available for new project, recording sessions, dep gigs ect.

Robert has been recording "Wildstar" album at "Stake Out Studios" in london. Robert will also be recording and producing a new Showcase CD/DVD for "G- Town-Groove function band.
Robert Equipment list is

Aguilar SC500
Musicman Stingray white
Musicman Stingray Sunburst
Moon Jazz Bass
Mutron iii
Akai Deep Impact
The Supa Loopa True Bypass Looper

Robert is a really easy guy to get along with, and is always prepared and on time please contact me if you have and enquires for bass playing, bands Tours and teaching.

Robert 07742204182
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