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Kev Stevenson

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Experienced Bass player available for Paid Dep work.
I am currently part of a successful Wedding and Function band but would like to put myself out there for any paid Dep work going.
I have been playing bass for around 19 Years now and have a wealth of experience in both the Studio and on Stage. I have been part of many different musical adventures including live touring bands, gigging bands, Shows and Big Bands.
Being in an active wedding band at the moment I can cover all styles and if there's a song I don't know I can learn fast.
I have my own transport and a selection of high quality gear to use.

Current Rig:

Amp - EBS Reidmar 250 / EBS Classic Line 1 x12
Basses - Overwater Custom Deluxe Progress 6 / Fender Jazz 5 (with Modified EMG pickups) / Unmarked Fretless Jazz bass (with Overwater Neck & Bartolini Pickups).
Pedals & Effects - I have a wide range of effects available including Compression / Overdrive / Delay / Chorus / Tuner
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