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Ian Tipping

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A professional Bass Player since 2000, Ian plays all varieties of stringed bass instrument - Fretted and Fretless Bass guitars, Upright Bass and Electric Upright Bass. He is comfortable playing in all musical contexts from classical and show music to jazz, rock and soul and has played all over the world including North America, Europe and upon cruise ships. He sight reads well and is comfortable in reading and non-reading situations on all the various basses. Ian is also an experienced backing vocalist having performed with pop ensembles and classical choirs and even opera companies as a singer. He has a very large vocal range, and can usually be relied upon to hit whatever notes need hitting!

Ian is also an experienced arranger and composer having arranged for various touring shows including the Blues Brothers party and the Rat Pack party and for popular, jazz and classical ensembles including the Milton Keynes City Orchestra. His composing is mostly of the contemporary classical type. He has been commissioned to compose music for the Milton Keynes City Orchestra and many of his pieces have been performed up and down the country by various ensembles.
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